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Events - Shows - Workshops - Meetings 


Various events often focus on music and dance, and some special efforts to incorporate either music or dance.   A peformer at a humor show may try a new song, new music, or a new dance.  And there was a recent New Year's 2020 Dance Challenge that was suggested for doing some sustained dancing everyday of about 10 to 15 minutes for about 90 days straight.   There are more examples, which can be seen by reviewing past events, or the blog posts, that can be in various social media sites of our club.  


Creative Music & Dance 

Concerts & Shows


 Various concerts and shows are often being planned for either directly by the Humor Activity Club, or by one or more member either as an upcoming performer, or a professional performer.   We also sometimes work in colloboation with other venues, or producers, or performers for certain events, concerts, or shows.  There are even some events which may be small VIP Shows, or Open Mic Shows, or Special Event Shows.      Many different things can be in fluxtuations throughout the year. 

You can find some of latest information about our organization and club here.  But, this website is currently under construction and work is occuring on major renovations.  So, you can learn more by talking with a club member, or coming to an event, or workshop.    Also, you can check one of other social media sites for various content. 

       You will find the latest information about us from either this website (currenty under going renovations), and on our other social media sites, or from our publications, or directly from our members.  This website provides at least a starting point.   For the overall Humor Activity Club, there are also different chapters, who may have different events and unique news items, but they and we have the same primary goals for advancing humor and positive acitivities.  Our club-organization is constantly evolving and growing. 


       We are working to provide a range of services, such as creating new events, and help with research of insights to new understanding of humor skills, arts, science, and research efforts.  If you wish to contact us, please fill in the Contacts form on our website, or call our USA office at (231) 412-2823.    Some highlights are listed below. 


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 Seeking Laughter, Interesting People, Ideas, Fun Possibilities 

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Humor News & Special Projects 


  Our efforts include coverage of Humor News, and Research into Humor and Positive Acitivtity and on Special Projects.  Some examples include reports of news events involving comedy events, and interviews of comedians, which can be done by Humor News Teams.   Research is done by certain members, who do scholarly work, or study the arts, science and skills of humor and postive activity.   And there are on going special projects, such examples as special publications, like a comic book project, and a mini-newspaper; and work on a specical show that is a combo of art and humor.  

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